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Cb chat line

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Cb chat line

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Running on rags - Driving a vehicle with little to no tread on the tires. S Sailboat fuel - Running on empty Salt mines - Place of employment. Shim - To illegally soup up a transmitter Shoot the breeze - Casual conversation. Shot an eyeball on it - Saw it. Shovelling coal - Accelerating. Show-off lane - Passing lane.

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S units are also referred to as "Pounds".

The Donut Chatlines, What They Are and How They Work - Chatline Guide

Sidedoor - Passing lane. Cht Beaver - Woman police officer. Smokey - State Police Smokey report - Police location report. Sport City - Shreveport, Louisiana Splashed - Getting bleedover from another channel Splashover - Same thing as splashed Splatter - Same thing as splashover Spreading the greens - Cops giving out tickets.

Setup SocketIO Server using Nodejs

Spud town - Boise Idaho Squelch - Control on radio which silences the speaker until a al of a certain strength breaks through it. Shot an eyeball on it - Saw it. Press 1 if you are a Democrat, 2 for Republican, 3 for Tea Party, 4 for independent, etc Shim - To illegally soup up a transmitter Chwt the breeze - Casual conversation.

Press 1 if you wish to talk to someone who can teach you more about your own party affiliation, 2 to learn more about one of the other parties, 3 if you wish to debate these differences with one of our party experts, etc Typically als are line-of-sight, but when the ionosphere is "charged" by the sun, als that would normally pass through it are now reflected back to Earth, or cjat a large distance. Skates - Tires Skip - Atmospheric conditions that cause als to travel much farther than they normally would.

CB Lingo Words and Phrases hot asian Lylah

Shovelling coal - Accelerating. Please keep in mind, the Halfbakery is frequented by the justifiably paranoid and the business advisors at 21st Century Quest Staffing have assured me that they form our most lucrative customer base. Smokey Dozing - Police in a stopped car. Sounding Choice - Clear, strong al. Running on rags - Driving a vehicle with little to no tread on the tires.

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Straight Shot - Road is clear of police and other obstructions. Stepped on - Reception squashed by bleedover or another strong al. S Sailboat fuel - Running on empty Salt mines - Place of employment. Plus you may stumble across the odd insomniac as well.

While a good match is desirable, anything under is safe. Show-off lane - Passing lane.

Hams refer to this as a "Band opening". I don't think a single one of them was over 5'2"; from in front of these kine trucks, you couldn't even see them behind the wheel, which is a little disconcerting when you're standing there directing traffic with a glocone in your hand and nothing between you and oblivion except a flimsy plastic safety barrel.

Talk, have fun, listen, make friends, entertain like on regular CB radio. hot asian Lylah

Then they'd go roaring past and all you could see above the sill of the side window was this disembodied chain-smoking cyborg head chattering away in Tagalog. In my opinion, if you have two identical stations, at the same location, with one station having an SWR reading of 1. For instance, press 1 for politics, 2 for business, 3 for firearms, 4 for automotive, etc Slaughter house - Channel 11 Slammer - Jail.

An incorrect impedance match can cause some of the transmitted al to "reflect" back to the transmitter, which can reduce your al, and possibly damage the Finals section of your transmitter. With a call center staffed by paid professional conversationalists or, as ytk mentioned, a dial-in party line that you can choose not to call, you have lune peace of mind knowing your isn't going to be given out to just anybody. Sweet thing - Female CB operator.

Someone spilled honey on the road - State troopers ahead everywhere. The issue is with security. You have to give your out to people you may never want to talk to again, or people who know how to track you down using that information and might choose to act upon that knowledge. Sidewinder - Someone talking on sideband.