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Chat on a rainy tuesday

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Chat on a rainy tuesday

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Have just been puttering around eating fudge, sipping tea and writing. After that, a week of exams.

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It was very interesting to see her pictures while reading her poems.

Cooking on a Rainy Day

We will probably finish up the last of it by mid-day tomorrow. Have just been puttering around eating fudge, sipping tea and writing. Or is it nothing? I went there in the lunch break of my Chaat work. Video itself is getting phased out. I just hope my children know, now and forever, that they are loved.

Will my children know how much I loved them? I was happy that we could have a chat for a while.

Save For A Rainy Day Calculator | Rainy Day | UMCU

Just gone? If so, will I continue to be one?

But maybe all that trying and love is crippling, stifling? But I seem to be backing away a bit.

Her talk on the art was very stimulating to me; for example, her way of dividing space as a Chaf rule, and the role of some concrete objects in her pictures. Have a good night everybody. Making fudge time.


Will I be able to let go gracefully when my time comes, or will I be terrified and fighting and scratching and clinging on for dear life. Oh well, up it goes. She is also a haiku poet, and each picture represents her haiku.

Does it all just disappear? Releasing the tight grip. Daydreaming time.

And the libraries will have cleared guesday from their shelves to make way for new books, by new writers, or the better old ones. Where does the time go?

Rainy Day Chat

Syrup was sweet, tea was hot, and I felt full. It was on the second floor and the view of the Dojima River was open from the big windows of the restaurant. How much do I have left?

Have I been a good mother? In twenty years from now, none of the bookstores will be selling my books, no matter how much people love them today. Now, this is the interesting thing about blogging.

Chat on a rainy tuesday I Searching Real Sex

Does ones essence linger on? I remember in Antwerp I ate it with sliced apples with Iku-chan!

I could find the building easily. Grade 12 next year.

I want to make sure that I am allowing balance to be present in my life, not always having to accomplish and strive to be more, better, write deeper. After that, a week of exams. So, how do I want to spend my time. Wanting to make sure I am not squandering the days. I had received the invitation postcard and the gallery seemed tudsday be near from my workplace.

A Nice Rainy Day

By the way, the fudge was very good. If not, why? I enjoyed the Dutch pancake Pannenkoeken with syrup. As I had not taken lunch, I went in alone. Wandering around the house and yard time.

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For a while it made me want to lock myself in my room and write like a woman possessed. I like some pictures with cherry blossom petals. I never would have guessed that this was what was going to come out in I sat down to say hello. Pannenkoeken is a kind of thick crepe of about 30 cm in diameter.