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The appeals court noted that the deputy could justify the arrest by showing probable cause for any crime, and that probable cause existed Prt arrest the plaintiff for interference with public duties in light of the prevailing law at the time of the arrest. In this case, probable cause existed to arrest the plaintiff after she instructed her child to physically disobey the officer and the child complied. Angwles deputy had legal authority to place the child in protective custody. Voss v.

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Gravelet-Blondin v. A woman claimed that restaurant employees and the D. Paradise cove brunette Desire a discreet friendship by using a successful experienced counselor. The trial court believed that the law was clearly established that witb officer may not arrest someone believed to hold certain religious beliefs if they would not arrest those of other religions in similar circumstances.

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Payne,F. An officer who was working off-duty, but in full uniform, asked a woman to move her car from the parking lot of a bar before it was towed. The claim was rejected under the discretionary function exception to the Federal Tort Claims Act. If the facts were as alleged, no reasonable officer could have Porf that the warning to clear the roadway was sufficiently audible for the crowd to hear it.

The neighbor later denied having made these statements. When the officer approached him, the plaintiff began yelling at the officer to leave.

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A woman motorist stopped her car and stood outside her vehicle videotaping the arrest. Qualified immunity protected the officers from liability on the plaintiffs' claim that they were arrested in retaliation for their protests in violation of the First Amendment, as such arrests based on probable cause did not violate clearly established law.

Manning v. At the police station, he was subjected to a visual body cavity search, which uncovered drugs. An efficient, lawful arrest causing the arrestee to suffer only de minimis minimal injuries cannot support a claim for excessive force. A woman sued the U. City of Chicago,F.

Weekly Fed. A video of the incident showed aggressive driving by the plaintiff. The trial court in the criminal case agreed and granted the plaintiff's motion to suppress the evidence, after which the charges were dropped.

The trial court held that the officers were not entitled to qualified immunity on false arrest and excessive force claims, as there had been no exigency justifying a warrantless entry, which violated a clearly established right. McDonald v.

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After announcing their presence and knocking on the door, the officers entered the bedroom, and saw a man eith on a mattress next to a woman. A deputy sheriff had sufficient probable cause to arrest a woman for battery after a fight with her sister over the specifics of the last wishes of their cancer-stricken mother.

In a lawsuit alleging false Pprt and excessive force, a federal appeals court upheld summary judgment for the defendant officers, relying on a dashcam video of the incident and rejecting the argument that there were material issues of fact relating to the plaintiff's claims. Hosea v.

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His breath smelled of alcohol, his eyes appeared red and glassy, his speech was slurred and he admitted having consumed a "couple" of "small pitchers" of beer at a truck stop an hour before. The first Porrt placed the driver under arrest for resisting, but the charges were dismissed at court.

A man told an officer Pkrt while he was sleeping his neighbor had entered his home, possibly by prying open a bathroom window, grabbed and threatened him, and put his hand down the front of his pants. LewisFed. Ordering the family out of their vehicle, purportedly at gunpoint, requiring them to lie on the ground, handcuffing four family members, and putting them in separate law enforcement vehicles amounted to an arrest, rather than an investigative detention.

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Coy,U. Police responded to a call regarding a verbal argument between a man and his girlfriend.

Wth officer had probable cause to arrest a woman for violating a state open-container law even though the flask found under her car seat proved to be empty. The disputed issues included whether the deputies pointed loaded guns at the family and how a nine-year-old child was treated during the incident. Lingo v. The words spoken did not risk provoking violence. The intermediate Illinois appeals court upheld a jury verdict in favor of the casino and casino security supervisor on a false imprisonment claim.

Lilly v.

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The plaintiff's prior arrests were not relevant to her claim for damages for this arrest, and any probative value of those arrests was far outweighed by prejudice to the plaintiff, in violation of Federal Rule of Evidence b. He claimed that he was threatened with a Taser, and arrested for obstruction of justice and resisting arrest. A man at a legal casino presented what appeared to be an altered driver's while trying to collect a slot machine jackpot.

Rousseau,U. The officers lacked consent, a warrant, or exigent circumstances to enter the home, and they lacked probable cause to arrest him for theft of his girlfriend's keys.

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He was stopped for loud music and excessive speed. Customs and Border Protection agents in Louisiana boarded a Greyhound bus and performed a routine check of passengers' immigration status. Agnew v.