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Dog chat room

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What is a Cataract?

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Cataract surgery can be performed, and this involves removing the lens.

There are many owners of blind pets. By Caroline Levin.

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The size of the cataract will effect how much vision your pet has. A very serious side effect of uncontrolled or poorly controlled diabetes is cataract formation.

Calls will be returned as quickly as possible, usually within 72 hours. Even if your dog or cat does not have eye problems right now, you should talk to your general vet and learn how to detect early fhat of eye problems.

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A cataract is an opaqueness or cloudiness in the lens that prevents light from reaching the retina. If you notice any of these things, it is important to have your pet's eyes examined.

A special toll-free for grieving pet owners, Monday through Friday, 8 chxt to 5 pm. You may be interested in this book. Treatment There are no medications that can prevent or treat cataracts.

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Not all diabetic dogs develop cataracts, but most do. A cataract usually starts out dg very small opaque areas, then becomes larger. There are other eye conditions besides cataracts that cause a noticeable "cloudiness" in the eye, including normal aging of the eye, so it is important that your pet see an eye vet so that any problems are diagnosed and treated appropriately. A confidential telephone service offered through the University of Illinois College of Veterinary Medicine, accepting calls from 1 to 6 pm on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

rooom Some dogs form cataracts so quickly that their vision is impaired and that's why the owner takes them to the vet, and then the diabetes is diagnosed. It is highly recommended by owners of visually impaired dogs.

You may call at any time and leave a message, and your call will be returned as soon as possible, usually within 24 hours. Early detection and treatment may allow you to prevent your dog from going blind. s of Cataracts You may notice white flecks or cloudiness in your pet's eyes, or you may notice that your pet is squinting, rubbing its eyes, bumping into things, not playing fetch, or is hesitant or fearful to do things that did not ly bother him.

An artificial lens can be implanted to improve close-up vision. For other dogs, cataracts may form within weeks of diagnosis, or it may take months, or even years for cataracts to develop. Living with Blind Dogs.

If your vet tells you that your pet is developing a cataract, or has cataracts, it is very important that you get a referral to a certified veterinary ophthalmologist and have the specialist examine your pet's eyes. There is a blind-dog mailing list and chat room listed in the resources below. The lens is not the doh structure involved - the health of the entire eye should be evaluated. Many animals adapt very well to being blind and they live happy, healthy lives.

How rapidly the cataract becomes larger varies greatly depending on many factors including the location of the cataract within the lens, the age of the animal, and the cause of the cataract. Prevention, early detection, and early treatment are the best methods of dealing with eye problems.

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Whether or not surgery is needed for your pet not all cataracts have to be removedwhether your pet is a good candidate for surgery, and whether or not lenses riom be implanted are things that you must discuss with the veterinary ophthalmologist. Callers are invited to leave a brief message if no one answers, and carefully articulate their name and call-backespecially if using a wireless phone or when emotionally distressed, so that messages do not become garbled or unintelligible.

However, keeping your pet's diabetes well controlled may help prevent the formation or maturation of cataracts. Diabetes-induced cataract formation is much more common in dogs than in cats.

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What is a Cataract? Offers free telephone support, information and dhat to anyone who is mourning or anticipating the loss of a pet; hour crisis helpline. Personal Experiences With Cataract Surgery. The ophthalmologist has special education, training, and equipment that will allow him or her to give your pet's eyes a full examination.