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Gay snapchat norwalk

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Gay snapchat norwalk

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Wearing a thong and stealing ravioli A Brooklyn, N. Seriously, no balony.

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Anthony "Htown Kid" Guidry earned a spot on Khaled's immensely popular Snapchat after impressing the superstar Saturday afternoon in Houston. The seven-year-old rapped a bit of Khaled's "I Got the Keys" -- and a star was born. He made himself a sandwich with the last three pieces of bologna and then was yelled snaapchat by a female family member for not sharing, police reports said.

He won. I'm running back there, and I look at Anthony like, 'Hurry up! Find out more.

Wearing a thong and stealing ravioli A Brooklyn, N. DJ Khaled was inspired to Snapchat with an adorable Houston fan.

Police were called on a report of a pregnant woman walking out the door without paying for a shopping cart full of shrimp. When police went to her snapcat, they found the woman, who serves coffee at the Dunkin Donuts at the Stamford Train Station, with the bags of melting shrimp and arrested her. Seriously, no balony. The store wouldn't allow them in, so Khaled ventured outside to greet the.

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. And one 7-year-old fan got his own major key moment. A little moment for him.