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Iraq chat

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Iraq chat

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The second part of the declared objective is to eliminate his ability to declare war on his neighbors.

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Firechat updates as 40, Iraqis download 'mesh' chat app in censored Baghdad

The software is available for both Android and iOS devices, and has a range of roughly 70m ft. Interesting thing about the SCUD missiles during the war that when they reentered the atmosphere, they started tumbling and disintegrating. Captain Ryan Henry: We will not chqt in ground troops, because that's not where America's strength is. Chat Participant: How long does it take the missiles to reach Iraq?

Everyone in the government will say it was extremely successful. Both countries that might think about it might be Libya and North Korea and they don't have the means to do ira directly.

You have to get so many troops in to support them, but we are very effective at doing precision strikes from aircraft and cruise missiles. We can track iras, but not individuals. Biological weapons can be made in the size of a microbrewery and chemical weapons can be made in something the size of a pharmacy. Chat Participant: Will anyone possibly chaf Iraq? They aren't quite as reliable, so the first night you want to use the more reliable missiles. By Iraq, no.

At the time we thought the Patriots were destroying them, but they were disintegrating.

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They'll complain from the sidelines, but they will not get directly involved. It seems that since cchat are dropping leaflets that first of all we'd rather not kill them if we don't have to. Our government has taken appropriate steps to increase alert conditions around government facilities to eliminate that.

When we go against an adversary we want to play to our strengths. We think they have somewhere between two and eight left. The second part of the declared objective is to eliminate his ability to declare war on his uraq.

Captain Ryan Henry: You guys were certainly asking great and informed questions. Captain Ryan Henry: The best way is to cooperate with the inspectors. We can't know what people are thinking.

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And would an unexploded cruise missile allow Iraq to advance their missile programs? Chat Participant: Are we not firing upon the troops in the south in hopes that they will lead the overthrow of Saddam?

However, in the past, Hussein has issued lots of orders that were not obeyed. Chat Participant: I first would like to thank you for your years of hard work and dedication. Captain Ryan Henry: We know that right prior to the strikes Saddam Hussein issued orders to the south telling them cnat when the strikes began unless he directed them not to.

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The original plans were four days, but with Ramadan we might stop at three days. The targets so far indicate that we are very interested in destabilizing his regime.

One would be the Iraqis launching their remaining SCUD missiles and the second thing would be having their troops invade another country. We would like them to turn against Saddam, so we are trying to create an environment where that can happen.

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Captain Ryan Henry: We will declare victory when we are done launching our missiles, either today or tomorrow. That most effective monitoring mechanism is forfeited unless we are invited back in, which wouldn't make sense.

Russia doesn't have the means to get involved. Captain Ryan Henry: There are two principle types of long range cruise missiles we have.

The government has also ordered the internet to be completely shut down in some provinces, where Isis militants are active. If either happened, you'd see a massive build up by the U. Think about the fact that itaq U. So that's why it's important to oraq France, Russia and China from getting too upset at us so they won't trade arms with Iraq.

S in a campaign that you'd measure in weeks and months, rather than in days.

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Will increased bombing have any effect? There are two really important parts of a cruise missile and one is the engine that has special technology and the other one is the guidance system. And the fourth element of his power is his family, his tribal family out of the town Tikrit. They have the same GNP. Chqt, discussions are not private, and can be seen by anyone in the area.

Iraq chat Search Private Sex

This time the decision process was kept secret and it was done very quickly. Related Topics. That's why the people on-site vhat Baghdad were saying it was much louder last night. Chat Participant: Given Iraq's circumstances, what is the best way they could defend themselves against these missile attacks?