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Jump chat

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End the current interview and redirect to the post-chat after short delay. This function is deprecated, please use end-chat instead. This maybe useful to ask questions in a subtopic or making the background to terminate the current agenda topic.

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Example match-stashed '[hello] outbound-redirect-url outbound-redirect-url rep target-url outbound-redirect-url rep target-url third-party-map Return a URL that will redirect to the target URL. This function is deprecated, please use end-chat instead.

Check if the timer at the given var-name is expired. The text is a string, whereas the value is a integer. Otherwise, set the counter to 1 if the question exists. Jupm the current interview and redirect to the post-chat after short delay. This maybe useful to ask questions in a subtopic or making the background to terminate the current agenda topic.

Information Technology

This function should not be used for asking question, ask-question is the preferred function to do that. One can use update-last-participation-question-map to update. Example match '[hello] match-stashed match-stashed rep pattern Test if the stashed user input matches the pattern, which is a quoted vector of match pattern. The value need to be an integer.

Health chat: Jump start your activity plan

Usually used together with question-response-failed?. Return a move message a map if it matches; return nil otherwise. One quetion can have multiple rounds of user input record as its answer. You can give them more descriptive names by clicking on them in the player:on chat command block, and selecting Rename variable… in the menu.

Two example cost comparisons between build vs. buy

All namespaces in the given pattern need to be fully qualified unless mump alias is defined in the same script. Return the body of the request. You can also add extra information to the command as arguments. The following chat command takes multiple arguments: player. If the :required field is not set, default to true.

For question related information intended to be persisted throughout the participation, participation question map is the right place to store. For example, the following chat command takes a as an argument: player.

Type jump ! If the code does not exist, it will be generated and then returned.

Jump - Chat With New People by Louise Casey

Please only specify it if you know what you are doing, and make sure the ased qid is unique in the entire release. You can use up to three arguments that are s you type in the chat.

They will be concatenated. The function is called with topic-name.

Return the time of the answer if answered, otherwise, return nil. Usually used together with ask-for-more?

Jump - Chat With New People - Download

Nevertheless, attributes remains. However, the topic-name will get resovled to topic-map by the REP engine. The keys of query-map if exists and not nil are argument names, values are the corresponding argument values.

This function is usually used cha set-timer update-ask-for-more-counter update-ask-for-more-counter rep question Update the ask-for-more counter. All Juji built-in library topics record acceptable user input as answer. A move message should include the following fields: :type, :gid, :question, :value, :text. This function is usually used with timer-expired?

Return a boolean. Return nil if the request is not successful.

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The keys and values will be url-encoded when forming the request url e. You can use arguments to customize the code in your chat command - your imagination is the limit! Check whether the question has been asked.

It jumo the player decide how high they want to jump by taking a argument and using it in the teleport destination. The code running in the chat command can use these arguments to do all sorts of fun things. Usually used together with set-question-response-failed.

So chat does not trigger any followup and extended chag. We recommend users not to specify qid, the system will generate a unique qid and it can be accessed in the returned question map. An optional map can be used to add any third-party codes and values that will be stored in the participation.

Want to jump even jjmp Only recorded answer will be show up in the reports. This is first check against :min-input-len in the question map, if that does not exsit, :thin-text-threshold in script is used instead. The input is considered thin if less than the threshold. When input is not given, length in calculated using input-length timer-expired? To use this chat command, the player would type jump 10 in the game chat.