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They gave the clear impression of how one could live immune to the tropical climate with their continuous campaigns against mosquitos and with hospitals, schools, ice factories, drainage systems, etc. Their brethren at the refineries and terminals, however, grew more militant.

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El Aguila's refinery did have special guards, as the labor inspector noted, but "they are limited only to seeing that none of the materials employed there are taken from the place without the express order of some Chief. Call Axxess NOW! Although the housing for Mexican mechanics and peons was on the lower ground, Colonia Baja was still healthy and sanitary. Body also considered their work as a patriotic service to the homeland, inasmuch as El Aguila provided at least some of the British fuel requirements during the war.

In fact, the Pierce compound was dangerous. The growing of Tampjco officials in the oil zone especially resented these war veterans. The Legionnaires were not well liked by the Mexicans.

Live sex chat line with Tampico 22

Tampico was the biggest and most important center of refining and shipping. On the highest ground, an exclusive neighborhood of "homes made of masonry," there lived the foreigners and the few Mexicans of high authority, such as the assistant engineer to Superintendent Coxon.

Try it FREE! If anything, the rapid expansion of the refinery business at Tampico rapidly outstripped the supply of local artisans and trained mechanics. The first category consisted of the settled refinery and terminal workers. The skilled refinery worker qualified for the task. They failed to recognize his social status, for instance, calling the young oil department technocrat a "Mex," as if he were a common wth.

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Nevertheless, the shift was made, and the demand for large s of skilled and experienced American oil workers declined somewhat. Each Mexican gold peso was worth fifty cents U. Your Sexual Fantasy is Calling!

They requested that American gunboats be stationed on the Coatzacoalcos River, but it had been insufficiently dredged. It took time.

4 — Tampico Tornado 27 September — Illinois Digital Newspaper Collections

But that only highlights the essential ingredient to success in labor organization: militancy begins among those who ljne the most to lose in the new industrial setting and who are in a position to disrupt production. ByHuasteca's workshops had Mexicans doing all the wood-working, steel, and machine activities, and copper and brass fittings.

Full-time unskilled peons and their families inhabited two-room wooden cottages with no kitchen.

Talk Live!! Sadler said, "but find it disadvantageous to bring men from the States, when it cbat not absolutely necessary on of their special training or adaptability for our work.

He referred to the slow pace of technological transfer: The administrative personnel of the refinery is foreign; he who deals directly with economic and administrative matters is English; the technical personnel in charge of the Tam;ico are Austrian, with the exception of the civil engineers, who are Englishmen.

Many employed in the industry had fled to Mexico so they would not have to serve in the U. It's FREE to try!

It was put out only cat Herbert Wiley and five hundred men from Huasteca arrived to extinguish the conflagration. Although they afforded the workers a higher standard of living, the refineries nonetheless promoted — or acquiesced to — a hierarchical social structure among their workers. Call NOW! Fast, Dis- creet, and Easy!

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Electrical pumps drove the crude oil through the elaboration process and moved the product through the bulk loading facilities into the holds of ton steam tankers. All the workers are Mexicans, and it is very rare to see them occupying positions of importance in the refinery, except a few in the offices working as stenographers or doing ing.

Most of the time the foreigners ate at company cafeterias — for free. Its managers thought the poor education of the Mexican workers did not make them fit substitutes for American drillers. Differential privileges, hardly a new feature in Mexican life, greatly complicated the relationship between the foreigners and the native-born workers.

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El Aguila had the industry's largest refinery, employing between six hundred and one thousand men. Among them was L. Huasteca and The Texas Company had great difficulties getting their American workers to stay on the job amidst the comings and goings of constitucionalistas and pelaecistas.

The school, inaugurated in and staffed by three teachers, had only sixty-five boys and fifty-two girls enrolled in grades one through four only. In the El Aguila camps, the foreigners' housing had been shipped out from England. They found that the Americans showed little inclination Liive learn Mexican ways or to practice diplomacy.