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Motions and means, on land and sea at war With old poetic feeling; not for this, Shall ye, by Poets even, be judged amiss! Our native town of Birmingham, of whose celebrity and importance we are justly proud, demands our first attention in this our Itinerary; although the numerous publications which give more circumstantial particulars respecting it than the brief limits of the present work will admit, render it an ij task here to occupy many s with our notice. What never can be positively settled, always proves a most fascinating Test for argument. Hutton, the antiquary, imagines the derivation to p. But we must leave the subject for more voluminous writers. The late Mr.

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Watt inaged eighty-three.

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I'm not brainwashed now. Most of my mates when I was younger were all from the Protestant school so I was always mixing with my own kind as it were. There were three kinds of stand-by duty; immediate, ten minute and thirty minute. Once the Jubction were drawn they would chat to you and make you cups of tea.

CAIN: s: Brits Speak Out; British Soldiers' Impressions of the Northern Ireland Conflict - compiled by John Lindsay ()

The kids had lo of fun but I believe that the PIRA told people to stop sending their kids up to us. I've no respect for them. What can you say to corporals or lance chah I suppose the people in the Catholic communities felt their demos were justified, but things like that don't just happen overnight. I was so chuffed and happy. If the Prods hadn't been greedy I wouldn't have had to get involved, I wouldn't have lost my mates, I would not have had to go to a shrink and a therapist to make me human, I wouldn't have suffered pain and illness and I wouldn't be angry.

It was extremely difficult to talk about Willie, knowing what I knew up to the time of his death.

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Some soldiers would even defecate in them. I was sent to military jail for the attack, and rightly so, but afterwards I was put back on my job. We got all the usual old taunts, which a deaf ear had to be turned to, and quite often we gave as good as we got verbally.

Peter was interviewed by telephone in December Some duties were harder, more frightening than others. I can't remember walking to camp after that. My team commander then cocked his rifle and pointed it at the guy. His next two tours in and were based in Creggan.

Now it's sad when I go there before the regimental day out at the races. The former is mainly supported by the proceeds of the Triennial Festivals; the others by liberal subscriptions, with which the inhabitants of Birmingham appear ever ready to increase the usefulness of charities having for their end the alleviation of misery, in whatever form it exists. I remember approaching the other Juntcion on the opposite side.

One Saturday the Commanding Officer made a surprise visit whilst we had four girls there. Brighton, I hope, made her realise how vulnerable we are to acts of terrorism, and that no amount of security and money can stop a determined terrorist from achieving their ultimate goal. I'd love to be normal and not react to cracks, bangs and people making me jump.

I'm not a bot. Continue.

Look what happened to them. It was also, without fail, a time when individuals would be charged with various offences and asked why they were dirty, grotty, minging or leaping, as the army defined states of dirtiness.

Motions and means, on land and sea at war With old poetic feeling; not for this, Shall ye, by Poets even, be judged amiss! The searches took anything from two to four hours so they were over with fairly quickly. Jynction have hardly any sleep and the only medical help you were given would be a large whisky in the barracks.

We were told to get on a four ton lorry which went off through Belfast. St George's was your first taste of army life.

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August was a critical time, both for residents of Belfast and for us soldiers. The prince afterwards set fire to the town, but obligingly desisted from further demonstration of such warm regard, on being handsomely bribed to that effect. The Churches most remarkable for architectural beauty, are, St.

I now don't take sides as much and I'm more aware of what is going on in Northern Ireland. On the day there was chaos and panic and about an hour before this person was due, we were told that it was Maggie Thatcher.

No way. I'd lost a day for that cow. The first time was outside Colerainr chippie on the Falls The Blue Star when there were a group of approximately 15 youths, all drunk on a Friday night. The consensus amongst my mates in the army was that: "They'll never send a Scottish regiment". Hansom, of Hinckley, and contains a splendid hall, feet long, by 65 feet wide, and 65 feet high, adapted for great public meetings, and for the performances of music at sec Triennial Festivals; [7] it also contains spacious saloons, committee rooms, etc.

I wanted to go and I was going to go come what may.