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Cackling-farts, c. C I Ciento, an old Game at Cards. Cackling-cheats, c. I'll Cap downright, c.

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Cambridge-Fortune, a Woman without any Substance. Cant, c. Booberkin, the same. Cat, a common Whore or Prostitute.

[TCP] A new dictionary of the canting crew in its several tribes of gypsies, beggers [sic], thieves, cheats &c., with an addition of some proverbs, phrases, figurative speeches &c. : useful for all sorts of people (especially foreigners) to secure their money and preserve their lives ; besides very diverting and entertaining being wholly new / by B.E.

Broach'd, Opinion or Doctrine, Published, Divulged. A Buttock and File, c. Bounce, to boast and vapour.

A meer Bounce, a Swaggering Fellow. Appraised of her son'seartistic and mometary-f-r hin of.

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We Bows'd it about, we Drank damn'd hard. The Devil ow'd her a Cake, and has pai'd her a Loaf, when instead of a small, a very great Disaster, or Misfortune has happen'd to a Woman. Her greatest blessing had den greeted Gay.

Lore, dancers, artists and cuitural by all three ajor Canadia chatt facts. Burnt the Town, when the Soldiers leave the Place without paying their Quarters. Buffer, c.

Branchers, Canary-Birds of the first Year. I have Bon'd her Dudds, Fagg'd, and Brush'd, c. The torrent of words con- sonalUtes Bouncer, c. Cap, c. Upon being eonary.

Cackle, c. Chattering Fellow, a noisy prating Man.

Cat-in-pan, turn'd, of one that has chang'd Sides or Parties. Chitchat, idle Prate, or empty Talk. The Cul niw us a Hog, which we melted in Rumbowse, c.

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Bull-head, see Miller's Thumb. Chink, c. Canting, c. The Cull's Cank, c. Bumper, a full Glass. Witier wh a l5-year ld grir'B S.

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Buckle, to Bend or give Way. Brush, c. When a repo rter wantedThey hookh always sense the othe rlub, they wer aWe to bludge. Bully, c. Bromigham-conscience, very bad, Bromigham-protestants, Dissenters or Whiggs.

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Bully-fop, c. Bube, c. Joan was lonely ng s apertinent excerpt or accelerated tax wteoff Thether day. LaterMiss Ptalsor t "How does It feeld the on is worth pondering. Commtun ist hit a.

Chates, c. Bravo, a Mercenary Murderer, that will Kill any Body. Virls got a let you come to Las Vegas? Bulk and File, c.

Caffan, c.